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Welcome to University Chiropractic

Consistent chiropractic care is one of the main keys to good health. Dr. Karl Smith of University Chiropractic Spokane has a goal for you.That goal is to get you  back on the road to good health and then empower you to "take charge of your health!"

How does he go about doing this? Education is one of the major sources of empowerment. The more you understand basic health principles, the better able you are to make better health decisions that can improve the quality of your life.

Good health care is more than just taking care of the symptoms. You also need to treat the cause.

For example, if your roof is leaking and you don't fix the leak, it will get worse. Placing a bucket to catch the water leak is only treating the symptom. You still need to fix the roof and have the knowledge of how to maintain it so it will not leak again. This is what we teach our clients, taking care or your health.

Dr. Karl Smith encourages you to read the health articles on his site. If you have any questions, please be sure and call him. If you need chiropractic help, take advantage of the special $310 value coupon. You owe it to yourself to "take charge of your health!"

We have flexible office hours to accommodate your work schedule.

Conditions We Can Treat With Chiropractic Services